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Why Gold Star Group

Finance always takes place on three things relationships, relationships and relationships. The main reasons and why we have an edge on most is due to our people, basic operating principles, our company culture, our relationships and our undisputed determination to strive very hard for your project.

The entire machinery at GS stands with best of their knowledge, skill sets firm and grounded for your project. We stand to deliver with discipline, advise you in the best possible manner. Our team advises you on your balance sheets, restructures it if required, specifically advises you how to accommodate the incoming finance so that only the required taxes and duties are paid. Financing is a Science and mere knowledge of existence resources is not enough (as this is commonplace knowledge). The key lies in understanding your requirements, applying our knowledge, teamwork, relationships and experience to the project and deriving an Optimum model for you.

As one would appreciate, maximum projects fall in the domain of Private resources. Access to Private resources at Local, Domestic and International levels in India as well as in different parts of the world is the forte of GS. The word “Optimum” defines the capability of a Finance Company. “Optimum” means to derive a solution which just satisfies your requirement in a way which suits you best at the best Rate of interest, Best of processing fees and the best of service fees. Extremely few Finance Companies have the grip to give you an optimal solution. If this is not given to you, the effects are disastrous to the companies at times. Incorrect interpretation of financial parameters and assigning of wrong non optimal resource can result in a promoter paying wrong interest rates over the years, paying excess taxes, excess fees, etc. With an average loan period of 5 to 10 years, even an extra percent would result in the loss to the promoter, loss of market credibility, etc. The jargon of responsibility on our shoulders is huge and we have been managing it consistently over the years!

  • Confidence, self belief, hardworking and the clear intent of honesty can transform a listless soul into a towering leader among greats

  • In Leadership and Management, the most important thing is what you DO NOT DO rather than what you actually DO

  • Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

  • One should always stay truthful in life and never ever cheat anyone. The sorrow to oneself would be very heavy.

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