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The Gold Star GroupTM (GS) is a company based on strong principles of Vedic Arthashastra (Economic Strategy) and Chanakyaniti. We are a Relationships based company which promote inert growth, developments and partnerships for all. We wish to give quality service which will exceed the expectations of our clients and give a high rate of return on their investments.

We participate in Sovereign Wealth funds, Pension funds, Hedge Funds, Venture Capitals. We have also formed a group and are a member with 350 family offices across the globe which takes care of their portfolios for their systematic investments in a range of sectors. We deal with Indian as well as Overseas Cross Border Loans, Equities, Joint Ventures, Investments from International Royal Families, Wealthy Families, Private family conglomerates, HNI's, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Funds of Funds, International Banks, PE houses, Private Banks, Merchant Banks, Private Investors, GP’s, LP’s, Asset Management firms, Institutional Asset Management Arena, Insurance Companies, Savings and Trust banks, Endowments, Foundations.

We undertake raising high volume funds for SPV's, Institutions, Private individuals, Private companies, Companies looking to set base in India, Banks, Governments (Central & State, International), PSU's, Foreign investments into High Net Worth Projects.

We also render National & International Financial services, Resolving of Non Wilful defaulters (NPA's), Strategic services, Project finance, Working Capital, Bulk Home Loans, Secured and Unsecured Loans, Debt Syndication, Expansion Plans in India as well as across the globe.


Private Equity, Funds of Funds, Venture Capital & Sovereign Funds

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